Your Guide to Top Bar Stools in Australia

When we're outfitting our spaces, whether that's a kitchen counter or a home bar, the seating we choose has a big impact on both comfort and style. We're lucky to have a broad selection of high-quality bar stools available right here in Australia, offering both form and function to fit your unique space.

Key Takeaways

  • Types of Bar Stools: Swivel, gas lift, tractor seat, leather, wooden, metal
  • Buying Considerations: Height adjustability, materials, durability, cleaning ease
  • Where to Buy: Notable Australian retailers like Tanstella
  • Tanstella Highlights: Quality options including Artiss swivel and gas lift stools

Understanding Bar Stool Types

The variety of bar stools includes swivel, gas lift, tractor seat, leather, wooden, and metal options, each with its own set of benefits. It's essential to pick a type that not only looks great in your space but also meets the practical needs of your environment. For help finding the perfect fit, check out our range of Artiss bar stools.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Bar Stools

Before making a purchase, consider height adjustability for maximum comfort, the durability of materials, and ease of cleaning — all key to the longevity of your stools. Of course, the design should also complement your existing décor. For adjustable options, take a look at our adjustable height bar stools.

Top Places to Buy Bar Stools in Australia

Among the myriad retailers and online destinations for bar stools in Australia, we at Tanstella pride ourselves on our diverse and high-quality selection. Whether you're in the market for something modern or prefer a more classic look, we've got something for everyone.

The Tanstella Collection – Highlighting the Best Options

Let's highlight some standout options from our collection:

  • Artiss Bar Stools Swivel Velvet Padded Wooden Artiss Bar Stools Swivel Velvet Padded Wooden Explore the complete features and get your own here.

  • Artiss 2x Bar Stools Leather Gas Lift White Artiss 2x Bar Stools Leather Gas Lift White Find these comfortable gas lift stools here.

  • Artiss 4x Bar Stools Tractor Seat 75cm Wooden Artiss 4x Bar Stools Tractor Seat 75cm Wooden Add a touch of vintage to your space with these stools, available here.

How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool for Your Space

Measure twice, buy once — ensure that the height of the bar stool fits your counter or bar to provide a comfortable seating experience. Don't forget to consider the stool's balance between functionality and decorative appeal.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than the words of satisfied customers. Our reviews from Australians nationwide attest to the quality and service we provide, making Tanstella a trusted source for bar stool purchases.


The right bar stools can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any environment. We believe our Tanstella offerings are among the best available in Australia — we invite you to browse our entire collection.

Happy stool hunting!

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